Strata offers direct material drop-offs at commercial sites, residential properties and a variety of other project specific locations. We provide a variety of high-quality soils, soil enhancers, natural amendments, sands, mulches, compost, aggregates, decorative rock and palletized cut stone.

All Materials


Texas Hardwood Mulch

A hardwood mulch that has been aged 12 months and ground down twice. It improves soil conditions by retaining moisture and adding nutrients.

($39.75 per cubic yard)

Texas Cedar Mulch

This double ground cedar mulch is aromatic and acts as a natural insect repellent. Enhancing planting area while also retaining moisture and adding nutrients.

($45.75 per cubic yard)

Primary Grind Mulch

A single grind rough cut hardwood mulch. Typically used for nature trails, rustic bed areas, tree protection in root zones, and for erosion control.

($31.25 per cubic yard)

Composting Mulch

This mixture is composed of compost and hardwood mulch. Designed for holding in moisture and giving your plants additional nutrition all with a single application.

($43.35 per cubic yard)

Pounce & Play Mulch

Conditioned and cleaned wood fibers for playscapes. This product is certified through the IPEMA for use in all playground conditions.

($57.75 per cubic yard)

Light Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is available with a mild tint to enhance its tones and increase color longevity. Cedar is also a natural bug repellent and moisture barrier.

($32.50 per cubic yard)

Black Mulch

This product starts with hardwood mulch that is tinted black using an organic dye approved by the EPA for long-lasting planting bed enhancement.

($42.10 per cubic yard)

Pecan Shell Mulch

Used in gardens or for a unique look in planting beds pecan shell mulch makes another great soil conditioner improving drainage and lowering the pH.

($48.65 per cubic yard)