Strata offers direct material drop-offs at commercial sites, residential properties and a variety of other project specific locations. We provide a variety of high-quality soils, soil enhancers, natural amendments, sands, mulches, compost, aggregates, decorative rock and palletized cut stone.

All Materials


Professional Mix

A potting soil mix composed of pine grinds, sand, compost and other material providing great drainage and nutrients for healthy plant growth and soil conditioning.

($52.95 per cubic yard)

Landscape Mix

A primary high yield blend composed of screened loam and screened organic compost. An industry standard that combines good organics with cost-effectiveness.

($42.45 per cubic yard)

Amendment Mix

The amendment mix is used in reviving existing soils to help break down clay and revitalize nutrient deficiencies. Specifically designed for the Central Texas Area.

($63.20 per cubic yard)

Rose Mix

Made for acid-loving plants like roses, azaleas, and magnolia trees. This mix provides nutrients for plants and trees typically found in less alkaline areas.

($69.95 per cubic yard)

Celestial Mix

A mix with high compost content for use in shady areas or as a soil enhancement. This mix provides a hearty base for fall planting to stabilize root systems.

($59.60 per cubic yard)

Container Mix

A mix crafted for above ground planters. It contains a complex mixture of compost, organics, sand and granite to hold moisture and defuse heat.

($66.50 per cubic yard)

Kinetic Mix

This mix combines screened compost with granite sand and improves soil nutrient profile, enhances drainage, and breaks up compacted soils.

($60.35 per cubic yard)

Garden Mix

A premium blend with compost to provide garden plants and veggies ample organics. This mix includes sand and granite to enhance drainage.

($49.75 per cubic yard)

Pangolin Mix

A blend of processed waste material (heated to 160° killing all pathogens) combined with loam to provide a boost of nitrogen to soil conditions.

($42.50 per cubic yard)

Potting Soil

A well drained blend with organic matter. This contains lightweight adds like peat moss to retain moisture while allowing proper drainage.

($72.45 per cubic yard)

Screened Compost

A special blend of compost made from cow manure and mulch for a variety of landscape uses. This mix provides nutrients to keep soil profiles healthy in a variety of conditions.

($45.25 per cubic yard)

Chocolate Loam

A finely screened soil consisting of sand, clay, and trace amounts of organic matter. Loam provides a cost effective fill and fine grading material for multiple conditions

($32.95 per cubic yard)

Rain Garden Mix

Rain garden mix is composed of sand, topsoil, and finely screened compost. This is typically placed over biofiltration mix to increase organics.

($63.75 per cubic yard)

Biofilteration Mix

This mix is used in rain gardens and biofiltration basins. Composed of sand with some compost to speed drainage and filter contaminants.

($42.90 per cubic yard)

Poultry Compost

A high quality screened compost from poultry tailings. This nitrogen rich material provides long term greening for turf and a boost of organics.

($55.75 per cubic yard)

Peat Moss

Peat moss is an organic amendment that loosens compacted soil improving water retention and aeration. Typically used in lawns, vegetable gardens planting beds.

($186.75 per cubic yard)