Strata offers direct material drop-offs at commercial sites, residential properties and a variety of other project specific locations. We provide a variety of high-quality soils, soil enhancers, natural amendments, sands, mulches, compost, aggregates, decorative rock and palletized cut stone.

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St. Augustine 'Raleigh'

Raleigh SA has a dark green hue with a medium blade. Developed by the North Carolina ES, this variety of St. Augustine exhibits pest resistance and shade tolerance.

($230 per pallet)

St. Augustine 'Palmetto'

Palmetto SA has a finer texture than other St. Augustine types. This sod will grow in a variety of soil types and climate conditions. Palmetto also has solid heat tolerance.

($230 per pallet)

Bermuda 'Celebration'

Celebration Bermuda has a dark green hue with high drought tolerance. It has a low natural height and requires infrequent mowing. It has good density and resists wear.

($225 per pallet)

Bermuda 'Tifway 419'

419 Tifway Bermuda is a fine textured, deep green Bermuda turf. This is one of the most popular turf grass in the southern US for golf courses, athletic fields, and residential lawns.

($225 per pallet)

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is a native blue-green, fine-textured turf. Buffalo grass is very drought tolerant and has a dense root system that helps maintain longevity and minimize maintenance.

($355 per pallet)

Zoysia 'Zeon'

Zeon Zoysia is adaptable and thrives in high heat environments. It also has a high disease and pest resistance. With a dense growth pattern that resists weeds and retains water.

($345 per pallet)

Zoysia 'Palisades'

Palisades Zoysia is a dark green, medium textured turf grass. It has a moderate tolerance for low light conditions, is drought tolerant, pest resistant, and has rapid recuperative ability.

($345 per pallet)

Zoysia 'Zorro'

Zorro Zoysia is a fine textured turf that tolerates frequent mowing and is well suited for residential lawns, athletic fields, and golf fairways. It also shows high resistance to brown patch.

($345 per pallet)